Levi’s x Huck Media Ad “Not a Hero”

Head over to Huck Media to read how Levi’s is exploring masculinity through creatives point of view through performance identity and status.

It was a honor for me to be able to open my doors to speak about what it means to me and how I overcame to become the person I am today while expressing myself through my creativity, through performance and fighting stereotypes.

The whole project was special to me, not only because I was putting my honest self into it but it made me learn a lot about myself, specially the understanding that going with your intuition, regardless of society’s “right or wrong” comes from early ages and the hunger you develop to always go for more and bigger while feeding your creativity, talent and own happiness.

It is very personal indeed, as I never got to open up and show that vulnerable side of myself. As a Rapper, immigrant living between two worlds, trying to be my very best self.

Head over to Huck x Media to read the full story.